Shreveport Saggy Pants Ordinance Results In Death

A racially motivated Shreveport ordinance regarding wearing saggy pants resulted in a foot chase and the death of 31 year old Anthony Childs. The ordinance in question prohibits wearing pants below the waist when in public and carries a fine of up to $100 and potentially 8 hours of community. A Shreveport officer in a squad car noticed that Childs had to hold up his pants to keep them at waist level and he subsequently turned his vehicle around to confront Childs over the failure to maintain his pants at an appropriate height. The soon to be victim fled when he saw the officer approach and the officer drove his cruiser up over the curb and into a grassy area in his attempt to enforce the saggy pants ordnance. Shots quickly followed and Anthony Childs died moments later, all over a 2007 ordinance that has only overwhelmingly been used against black men.

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