Distracted Driving

Negligence exhibited by a distracted driver

Did you know that nearly half of the United States drivers are reported to believe that they are okay using their cell phones while driving? According to a report by the National Security Council, 47% of responders on a recent survey stated that they have no problems with driving and using their phones.

With the proliferation of cell phones, tablets, and wearable tech, it is becoming harder and harder to disconnect from your phones. Many believe that hands free communication makes driving safer, but the reality is that it is merely more convenient. It is not safer and people are getting hurt. Though you are not using your hands, it Is still distracted driving.

Though they are a big factor, auto accident statistics and personal injury court cases indicate that it is not only cell phones that cause distracted driving.

Causes of Distracted Driving as Indicated in Personal Injury Court Cases

  • Texting
  • Cell or smartphone use
  • Eating or drinking
  • Talking to passengers
  • Grooming
  • Reading
  • Use of a GPS
  • Watching videos
  • Working with radio, CD player or MP3 device

The National Highway Transportation Safety Board released statistics for 2016 and found that nearly 40,000 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes. This is up five percent from 2015 and even higher from 2014. According to the Centers for Disease Control, every day in the United States, 9 people are killed and over a thousand are injured in accidents with distracted drivers. The personal injury attorneys of the Action Legal Group have found that distracted driving is impacting the life of the injured or killed and their families irrevocably.

Types of Distracted Driving Encountered by the Action Legal Group Attorneys

  • Visual: taking your eyes off the road
  • Manual: taking your hands off the wheel
  • Cognitive: taking your mind off driving

According to statistics, it is believed that nearly 700,000 drivers are driving and using electronic devices at any given time. It only takes a few seconds to miss something vital or to be late on your reaction time while driving. Our distracted driving attorneys have found that changing the radio station, looking for a different song in your playlist or reading that text could mean the difference between life and death in some motor vehicle accidents.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident involving a distracted driver, it is possible that you may be able to receive compensation for not only damage to your vehicle, but also lost wages and medical expenses. But the key to guaranteeing compensation in these cases is meticulous organization and a solid understanding of the law. Even the timing of your doctor appointments can cause issues later.

If you or a loved one were injured by a distracted driver, the most important thing you can do is focus on your recovery. Tofully focus, you need to be sure that a personal injury attorney you trust is handling your compensation claims.  Though saving money might be your first instinct, now is not the time to bargain shop or look for ways to cut corners. Cut rate personal injury attorneys offer cut rate services. And the last thing you want is an attorney that treats your case like merely another email in their inbox.  You need someone who cares.

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