Ethylene Oxide

Southeast DuPage County Residents Face Increased Risk for Cancer Due to Ethylene Oxide

When the EPA privately shared a study with local authorities regarding Sterigenics International, a business located in west suburban Willowbrook, it was immediately apparent that the work being completed was not as nondescript as the company would like residents to believe. Few in the area, which has a population of nearly 19,000 people, knew that the two buildings that housed the company were ground zero for the use of the dangerous gas ethylene oxide.

The gas ethylene oxidehad at one time been believed to be safe for humans when specific emissions standards were followed. It was largely employed to sterilize medical instruments and kill pests and bacteria on food. Sterigenics International used the gas daily to sterilize medical equipment, pharmaceutical goods and food.

The Truth About Ethylene Oxide and Cancer

The truth regarding ethylene oxide began to surface in 2014 when the EPA’s draft hazard assessment included information indicating that the inhalation of the gas could lead to a host of tumors in an individual. This disappointing news for human health did not halt use of the deadly gas in residential neighborhoods like Willowbrook.

The heartbreaking reality of the situation is that the disregard for safety has resulted in residents in at least one census tract near the Sterigenics International buildings being nine times more at risk for developing cancer than anyone living outside of the census tract.

Federal officials first began to investigate the Willowbrook company in 2016 after surrounding communities became a hot spot due to air toxicity concerns.

Ethylene OxidePersonal Injury Attorneys

The personal injury attorneys from Action Legal Group are seeking compensation for families who live in and around the suburban community of Willowbrook and been diagnosed with cancer or severe respiratory disorders. Sterigenics International knew it was using a carcinogenic gas but someone made the decision to ignore information from the EPA.

People at Risk for Developing Cancer from Ethylene Oxide

The people who are most at risk for developing cancer from inhaling the deadly gas ethylene oxide include:

  • 19,000 local southeast DuPage County residents
  • Children attending Kingswood Academy, Gower West Elementary School, Gower Middle School, Hinsdale South High School
  • Children enrolled in Conev’sCradle Infant Care
  • Employees of Sterigenics International.

How a Ethylene Oxide Cancer Lawsuit Can Help Your Family

Legal action can seek compensation for:

  • Current and past medical bills
  • Potential future medical bills
  • Ongoing medical monitoring
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earnings
  • Future Damages
  • Lifetime medical care
  • More.

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