Title Closings

Action Legal Group understands that finalizing the purchase of a home or real estate can be complicated, the structure may have gone through multiple ownership changes, and the land may have gone through even more. The history of ownership could contain just one weak point that could surface to cause a problem. This list of potential deal breaking problems include:

  • A lien
  • Unpaid real estate taxes
  • A forged signature when the title was previously transferred.

Protection for potential claims against the structure or property can be found in title insurance. This kind of insurance is not the same as the policy you will purchase for a car, watercraft or even your own life. The tricky part is making sure you find the title insurance that best fits your needs.

Finding a Title Insurance Company

The professionals from Action Legal Group understand that title insurance sounds like an uncomplicated concept, but the insurance is not the key service offered by a title insurance company. A good title insurance company maintains a sophisticated structure in which specific departments are responsible for title search and review. The departments are charged with gathering correct information from the:

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Buyer’s mortgage company
  • Seller’s mortgage company
  • Buyer’s realtor
  • Seller’s realtor
  • Local property association
  • Homeowners association.

The departments of the title insurance company are also responsible for researching:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Property tax records
  • Payoffs required on title issues
  • Requirements to clear title defects/problems

The agents of the title insurance company also coordinate the:

  • Property survey
  • Municipal lien search
  • Title search
  • Payment of vendor invoices
  • Contract deposits
  • Preparing documents required for closing
  • Preparing and recording the deed that conveys the title to the new property buyer
  • Collecting/disbursing the funds at closing and wiring funds to all involved parties.

This process purchasing real estate or a structure is complicated and, if any step is not completed correctly, it will create a headache both before and after the real estate closing. The wrong move can prove to be detrimental.

Sidestepping Disaster with a Title Insurance Company

Your mortgage lender will likely suggest working with an attorney preferred by the lender but you need an efficient and experienced team that will look out for your interests. The team from Action Legal Group has the knowledge and experience required to effectively represent your interests in the purchase of real estate.

Contact Action Legal Group when you are involved in a real estate transaction that you would like to see completed expediently and with no complications. The professionals on our team are prepared to get the job completed correctly.

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